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Just a taste of Chi City

At our Chy's Town Goo, our primary objective is to ensure our customers' complete satisfaction with the exceptional services and products we offer. This fundamental principle has been the driving force behind our remarkable growth since our establishment in 2017. We are delighted that you have chosen to explore our website and invite you to delve into the true essence of Chicago cuisine through the various offerings showcased here.

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Our business model is centered around shipping famous Chicago food brands across the USA, catering to the cravings of Chicago food enthusiasts and former Chicagoans who miss the taste of home. We establish partnerships with renowned Chicago food brands, sourcing their products directly from the city. Through our dedicated logistics and distribution network, we ensure the safe and efficient delivery of these iconic Chicago food items to customers nationwide. By specializing in shipping Chicago's revered culinary delights, we strive to bring the distinct flavors and culinary experience of Chicago to individuals across the country, allowing them to savor and enjoy the essence of the Windy City no matter where they reside.


In 2017, our journey began. Growing up in Chicago and attending college in Arkansas left me feeling unsatisfied and longing for the flavors of home. I found myself hungry and homesick, missing the little things that made Chicago cuisine so special - the Hot Crunchy Kurls chips, the Mr. Pure Juice, and the simplicity of ordering 6 wings fried hard with lemon pepper, hot, and extra mild sauce. The idea of quitting my job and returning home just to indulge in some Harold's chicken crossed my mind, but it seemed impractical. All I really wanted was to enjoy good food again.​Then, I reminisced about the neighborhood ladies back home who would sell all the best snacks on every block - penny strawberry cookies, Frooties, Vitner's chips, caramel apple suckers, and so much more. I realized that there were too many people in my new surroundings for this to be lacking, so I pondered becoming the new "candy lady." And thus, our company was born. Today, we have expanded beyond imagination, providing a wide array of Chicago favorites through our E-commerce services. As one of the leading local businesses in the DFW area, our success is attributed to the long-lasting relationships we have cultivated with our customers over the years. We firmly believe that every customer deserves the highest level of service and top-notch quality items, and we are wholly committed to delivering precisely that.​ Chy's Town Goodies is here for you, bringing you the flavors and delights of Chicago right to your doorstep.

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